List of Candidates Recommended for Admission - MS/PhD Programmes (Jul 2019)

The following candidates have been recommended to Dean(Acad. Research) for admission in Jul. 2019. Formal admission offer will be made only after due verification and approval from Dean(Acad. Research); this can be expected in about 2 weeks. Note that the date of joining is is Jul 22, 2019. See admissions page for details about the process.

Note : (May 24, 2019) : The list has been approved bby the Dean (Acad. Research).
The application numbers are sorted in the ascending order of application numbers.


Application No.NameSelected By
CS1811P0045Praseetha MPanel B (Systems)
CS1903AP0211Shankho Subhra PalPanel C (AI & ML)
CS1903AP0236Ayan GhoshPanel B (Systems)
CS1903AP0288Patil Shravani MaheshPanel A (Theory)
CS1903AP0335Keshav RanjanPanel A (Theory)
CS1903AP0336S. DurgaPanel C (AI & ML)
CS1903AP0344Bedanta Kumar DasPanel C (AI & ML)
CS1903P0014Prakhar Krishna KumarPanel C (AI & ML)
CS1903P0147Kasaraneni RamyaPanel B (Systems)


Application No.NameCategory
CS1903AM0139Varad BhatnagarHTRA
CS1903AM0204Khatri Jash AjaykumarHTRA
CS1903AM0222Sai Deepa BejawadaHTRA
CS1903AM0328Vanshika BhardwajHTRA
CS1903AM0329Naik Karmali Tejan NareshHTRA
CS1903AM0398Arti KeshariHTRA
CS1903AM0414Sohan GhoshHTRA
CS1903M0087Saurav ChakrabortyHTRA
CS1903M0089Tuppe Omkar VijaykumarHTRA
CS1903M0182Akshay GuptaHTRA
CS1903M0245O R N Koushik Kiran KumarHTRA
CS1903M0276Nikhil AgrawalHTRA
CS1903M0444Vikash kumarHTRA
CS1903M0475Depen MorwaniHTRA
CS1903M0480Srashti KauravHTRA
CS1903M0568Sudha SHTRA
CS1903M0638Ankit SinghHTRA
CS1903AM0154Bhavanam Akhil Kumar ReddyProject
CS1903AM0315Binoy SahaProject
CS1903AM0348Sudhanshu SrivastavaProject
CS1903AM0523Anupam AgrawalProject
CS1903M0572Anirban ChakrabartiProject
CS1903M0721Vajja Sai KiranProject

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