Jul 6, 2017 : Best Project/Thesis awards (AY 2016-2017)

CSE Department announces the winners of the Best project/thesis awards for the academic year 2016-2017.

Prof. C. Sivaram Murthy Prize (2017) for the Best B.Tech Project
Joint winners :
Sundar A. [CS13B026]
Thesis Title : "Exact Exponential Time Algorithms for Allocation Problems" (Guide: N.S. Narayanaswamy)
Sai Praveen B [CS13B025]
Thesis Title : "Approaches to Spatial Reasoning in Reinforcement Learning" (Guide: Balaraman Ravindran)

Lakshmi Ravi Prize (2017) for Best Dual Degree Project Award in CSE
Sahil Sharma [CS12B060]
Thesis Title : "Temporal Abstractions and Multi-Task Learning for High Dimensional Visual Control" (Guide: Balaraman Ravindran)

Prof. H.N.Mahabala Endowment Prize (2017) for the Best M.Tech. Project :
Joint winners :
Ajay Fuloria [CS15M003].
Thesis Title : "Autonomous Navigation For Quadrotors" (Guide: Anurag Mittal)
Naveen Kumar [CS15M031].
Thesis title : "Design and Performance Evaluation of Distributed Controllers Assisting D2D Transfers in LTE-A Networks" (Guide: Prof. C. Siva Ram Murthy)

Biswajit Sain Endowment Prize (2017) for the Best M.S. Thesis in CSE :
Joint winners :
Sarthak Parui [CS12S044]
Thesis Title : "Similarity-invariant Large Scale Sketch-based Image Retrieval" (Guide : Anurag Mittal)
Dhathri P R [CS13S026]
Thesis Title : "Network architecture supporting seamless flow mobility between LTE and WiFi networks" (Guide : Krishna Sivalingam)

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