Mar 18, 2017 : Comprehensive Examination - Revised Registration Forms

The next round of PhD Comprehensive Exams will be held in August 2017. This is an announcement regarding procedure of the same.
  • Registration : PhD students must register for the exam in the CSE office on or before April 7, 2017. The Comprehensive Exam Registration Form duly signed by the DC, including the literature survey list, must be submitted at the time of registration.
  • Literature Survey Report : The literature survey report is due by July 31, 2017, 4pm (HARD) in CSE office (one hard copy). The soft copy/hard copy must also be given to DC members and two additional Compre. Expert members. If a report approved by guide is not received by above deadline, it will be treated as a failed Comprehensive attempt.
  • Viva (Courses): Before appearing for the Comprehensive Exam, please look at the THREE prescribed Compre. courses and the respective grades that you have obtained. Please prepare for a subject viva voce exam in the Compre. courses that you have received a 'C' grade or lower. If the course has not been attempted or completed successfully, the subject viva voce exam will still have to be held, in order to meet the Compre. Exam time limits set by the IITM Senate.
  • Number of Attempts: Please read PhD ordinances (section R13) for time limits of Compre. registration - end of first year for regular students; end of second year for Direct PhD students; within two semesters of upgrade for M.Tech/MS to PhD upgraded students.

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