Oct 12, 2023 : CSE Bits V1.3

Hello everyone!, We are here with an exciting third event of CSE Bits. The details of the event are:
Speaker 1 - Sampriti Roy
Title - Testing properties of distributions in the streaming model
Overview by the speaker - Sampling and understanding the properties of large data sets is a continuous challenge. Distribution testing enables easier inspection of such problems by designing efficient algorithms where the sample complexity is sublinearly dependent on the domain size. In this talk, we will be interested in distribution testing in the one-pass streaming framework where samples from an unknown distribution are revealed online as a stream and the algorithm is allowed a single pass over the data. In this setting, the goal is to test the properties of the distribution using an optimal number of samples subject to a memory constraint. We will start with testing fundamental properties of distributions in the standard model and dive into the streaming framework by understanding the trade-off between sample and space complexity for distribution testing.

Speaker 2 - Nikhilesh Singh
Title - Resource Contention in Microprocessors: Security Concerns and AI-based Responses

Event Venue - CS15
Timing - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Date - 12th October 2023
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