Mar 22, 2024 : CSE Bytes

Speaker 1: Chester Rebeiro
Title: Security Challenges of COTS devices and possible Solutions
Abstract: Due to their significantly lower costs, ease of deployment, support, and maintenance, Commercially Of The Shelf (COTS) devices are extensively adopted in a number of organizations that include critical sectors, like defense, tele-communication, power, and nuclear energy. However, COTS devices pose serious security threats that can emerge from the software as well as the underlying hardware. In this talk, we discuss and classify these threats and consider potential solutions, specifically highlighting ongoing work at IIT Madras.

Speaker 2: John Augustine
Title: Distributed Trust: Expansion of The Byzantine Empire
Abstract: The Byzantine Generals Problem first postulated by Lamport, Pease and Shostak (1982) lies at the heart of distributed trust. The story goes that n different battalions of the Byzantine empire have camped around a city and the generals of these battalions must coordinate amongst themselves to either attack or retreat. The challenge is that some of the generals are traitors who seek to confuse the other generals. Variants of this problem emerge quite naturally in a wide range of settings where a distributed set of agents must coordinate to solve a problem in the presence of traitors. In this talk, we will highlight ideas from one such context in the world of mobile agents. Subsequently, we will discuss how these distributed trust problems emerge in a variety of other domains.

Date : Friday, March 22
Time : 3:30 PM
Venue : SSB 134
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