Sep 14, 2023 : CSEBits - 1.2

Hello everyone!, We are here with an exciting second event of CSE Bits. The details of the event are:
Speaker 1 - Dhruv Maroo
Title - Make (dis)assemblers cool again
Overview by the speaker - Many of you might have studied about assemblers (like nasm) and disassemblers (like the one in gdb) in your computer architecture course, and then probably never wondered about them. However, despite being a solved problem, there are a lot of lessons in the way assemblers and disassemblers are written.In my talk, I'll talk about writing an (dis)assembler for a (not-so-famous) RISC-based architecture, SuperH. I'll briefly explain how the instruction set looks and how the architecture works. And then I'll delve deep into the design decisions and choices I made, and will outline how they would help you in writing your own (dis)assembler. Along with this, I would also like to show you some clever C macro magic, clean code and a very extensible and general architecture for writing (dis)assemblers.I hope that by the end of this talk, the listeners are motivated to take up this endeavor on their own, and write a (dis)assembler for a fairly complex architecture without any problems, using the insights I presented. If you are interested in low-level/systems stuff, or care about code design and software engineering practices, or just want to have some food for thought, I gladly invite you to this talk.
Speaker 2 - Hari Hara Naveen S
Title - Vectorization of STL algorithms
Overview by the speaker - Execution policies in C++ refer to a feature introduced in the C++17 standard that provides a standardized way to control the parallelism and concurrency of certain algorithms in the Standard Template Library (STL). These policies allow you to specify how certain algorithms should execute, either sequentially, in parallel or in a vectorized fashion. Vectorization is a technique used in computer programming and mathematics to perform operations on entire arrays or sequences of data elements, rather than processing them one at a time. I will be discussing techniques used to vectorize various STL algorithms and the performance gains obtained.

Event Venue - CS15
Timing - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Date - 14th September, 2023
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