Apr 12, 2018 : IITM SFP program (CSE Dept) 2018 - Selection Notification

The selection process for IIT Madras Summer Fellowship Program for the year 2018, at CSE Department has been completed. Selected candidates will be notified by email (before April 14, 2018) and by post, subsequently.

The number of applications received : 5684
The number of internship positions available : 10

The list of selected candidates (in the ascending order of application numbers) is given below.
Sl.NoApplication No.Name
1CS18SFP0694Kushika Agarwal
2CS18SFP1135Nirmal Thomas
3CS18SFP1549Aishwarya T
4CS18SFP1574Sourish Banerjee
5CS18SFP2054Chetna Sureka
6CS18SFP2690Gayatri G
7CS18SFP2714Vishwas V K
8CS18SFP3156Gokul Karthik
9CS18SFP3298Amrith M
10CS18SFP4048Voolla Mydhili

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